Hey, I'm Lylah! I'm a portrait photographer based in northern Ohio. 

I stumbled upon photography at 15 years old, playing with my dad's canon point-and-shoot, and I quickly fell in love. I got lost in my computer screen as I spent hours manipulating photographs that I took of my friends hanging out, and the obsession still lingers. 

I love photography for its magical powers of stamping a moment in time, and I do my best to make sure those moments being captured are ones of joy and serenity. My favorite part of being a photographer is that I'm surrounded by people who want to document their happiness. I can proudly say that my job is the best because I get to capture all of your special moments - whether it be a wedding, an engagement, or simply hanging out with the people you love. 

I look forward to working with you! For questions about photo sessions and pricing, email me at lylahwolff3@gmail.com!