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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we shoot?

I generally leave the location up to you, but Cleveland and Toledo have wonderful spots all around! I have a list of spots that are my go-tos, but I love to collaborate with my clients on their photo sessions and, in order to make your photo session as you as possible, I’m definitely interested in hearing the type of location that you’re looking for and going from there.

What should I wear?

The number one thing is to wear what you’re comfortable in. If you feel confident, you’ll look confident. As for colors and patterns, stray away from solid white as well as smaller striped patterns, as these can both be difficult to photograph. Earth tones photograph beautifully, and I’m a sucker for textured clothing (like cableknit sweaters and ripped denim). Another rule of thumb is to wear one piece that’s a bit more flowy and one that’s more form-fitting; for example, if you’re looking to wear a super flowy shirt, try pairing it with tighter jeans or shorts. I have a pinterest board of inspiration for shoots located riiiight here.

Do you do hair and makeup?

I do not do hair and makeup, but I recommend doing a more natural face, placing emphasis on lips and eyes. The saying "less is more" is pretty applicable in most of these situations - definitely emphasize what you like but don't feel the need to come in with a face full of makeup if you're not comfortable wearing it. I do, however suggest wearing fake eyelashes if you're comfortable with them!

 As for hair, I suggest soft curls for girls, and slightly styled hair for guys.

Can you edit out my wrinkles/freckles/eye bags? Can you give me Kim Kardashian's body? 

My method of retouching is basically just getting rid of anything that is impermanent on your face, like a blemish or a mascara smudge. I love wrinkles, freckles, birthmarks... all the stuff that makes you you. If there's something that you'd specifically like to be taken out, just let me know ahead of time. As for retouching the body, I'm a firm believer in loving and photographing all shapes and sizes. If you have an insecurity, please let me know ahead of time so that we can emphasize all of the stuff that you love.

How do I get my photographs?

I send you all of the high resolution images through or WeTransfer. I do not handle printing rights, but I give you all printing rights to print as many copies as you’d like! My favorite site to order pictures from is and they always have deals.

How long does it take to receive my photographs?

For smaller portrait sessions, I will get the photos to you in two weeks. For larger events and weddings, it takes me about 4-6 weeks to get the photographs to you. I offer next-day delivery for a small fee!

Can I post on social media?

Of course! Just make sure to tag me and always give me credit, and not add filters to the photographs.

I’ve never done a photo session before and I’m not sure how to pose – what do I do with my hands/face/etc? What if I’m awkward in front of the camera?

That’s totally normal, and most people feel that way! Luckily, my photo sessions are generally pretty chill and my number one goal is to make you comfortable. You handle being there, and I’ll handle poses/making you laugh/everything else. Also, I highly recommend bringing a friend or family member if you’re nervous – they definitely help “take the edge off” and get real laughter! I also recommend looking a Pinterest for any tips that you love and want to copy.

How do I go about scheduling a photo session?

The first thing you’ll do is shoot me an email at or fill out the contact form on my website. In that email, be as detailed as possible with what you’re looking for – is it an engagement session you’re looking for, or a solo portrait session? What date are you looking to book? I’m huge on open communication, so the more information you give, the better results you’ll get! After we decide on a date and location, I’ll send you over a contract that goes over every little detail and stands as a formal agreement for everything, which you can sign digitally or bring to your photo session date. At that time, a deposit of half of your package price is required to seal the deal and stands in as a retainer for travel fees, gear that I might require, and a way to ensure your scheduled photo session! After that, we’ll schedule a phone consultation to talk about your scheduled date and go over any questions.