Maddie Ross // Ann Arbor, MI // Lifestyle

Maddie and I had a spontaneous shoot a couple weekends back in Ann Arbor! Maddie and I met through our good friend Addie, as Maddie grew up in town I go to school in. We did a shoot a while back and we had so much fun, I asked her if she wanted to shoot when I was in Ann Arbor for the day. We explored the beautiful town, finding little pockets of ivy-covered walls and Parisian inspired outdoor cafes, talking about life and the wonders of social media bringing creatives together to make something awesome.

I had such a great time shooting with Maddie. Enjoy!


Lily Olsen // Hingetown, OH // Senior Session

Lily is the daughter of a family friend, and I last saw her when she was SEVEN YEARS OLD. I had the first real "holy sh*t I'm old" moment when I realized I'm doing her senior portraits. We had so much fun exploring Hingetown together and taking these photographs - the murals in the city are beautiful and it's such a cute little hidden pocket of culture and art in Cleveland. 

Lily was such a natural in front of the camera, which makes sense given that she's going to school for acting and visual arts. Working with her was so easy and carefree, it felt like we were shooting for ten minutes over the course of a couple hours.