lylah rose wolff



I get it - there are tons of photographers to choose from.

There are photographers with suitcases of equipment, massive lights, and a full set of poses for you to do. There are photographers with cameras big and small, photographers working to find their style.

If you're looking for someone with a fancy camera and a list of poses, we might not be the right match. If you're shopping around for the cheapest gig, we might not value the same things. 

If you want to feel intimate, not intimidated, now we're talkin'. I like to travel light - no suitcases of lenses and lights for me, but I can guarantee I've got a ton of dad jokes to make up for it. I'm a fan of wild laughter, the kind you can't keep in. I'm a fan of friendship, first and foremost... building relationships with my clients through adventuring, communicating, and, more often than not, too many cups of coffee. 

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