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My Family // Stone Harbor, NJ // Family

Stone Harbor, New Jersey, is a magical place. The town is sprinkled with ice cream shops and Five & Dimes, and each day begins with hazy, gentle sunrises and ends with pastel sunsets. Every year, my family and I drive around ten hours to the Shore. We began going in 2008, when all of us lived together in Cleveland. Some of my fondest memories include waking up at 6:30 AM to walk on the shore with my mom, plucking seashells off of the beach to keep as souvenirs, and riding bikes through the small town with my sister, Katy, while we listened to Kings of Leon's Come Around Sundown album on repeat golden hour lit the way. 

Now, almost ten years later, I'd like to believe that the Shore is more than just our traditional family vacation... the town has become a second home, and a place for all of us to come back together as a family. Katy and I no longer live at home with our parents, so the week at the Shore allows for all of us to live under one roof again. This year, Katy brought her boyfriend Kyle, who's humor and carefree nature brought a new mood to the house. It's so cool to see our dynamic shift as our family grows. I'm so thankful that my parents continue to let this tradition live on, and for the sacrifices they make in order to allow us to experience such a magical place! I can't wait to see what the next years at the shore have in store for us.