Kristy Ann Cartmell // Cleveland, OH // Portrait

Around two years ago, Kristy and I were strangers in the same Large Format photography class. On the first day of class, Our professor Lynn told us to find a partner in the class so that we could make portraits of each other. Regardless of how extroverted I am in real life, the concept of having to partner up with complete strangers in a class still gives me anxiety to this day. As people began matching up, Kristy and I sat in our awkwardness until we made eye contact, probably both laughing at how uncomfortable the situation was (a common occurrence in our daily lives, especially when we're together). We partnered up, nervously fumbled with the dark cloth and film slides, and made our first ever 4 x 5 negatives, capturing each other, even then, truly and honestly. 

It's been a long time since that class; a class that brought me so many new experiences and memories that I treasure. Sure, the 4 x 5 still scares the hell out of me, but my comfort level grew as I gained new friends and mentors, Kristy being one of the most valuable humans to have entered in my life. Our friendship isn't measured in the amount of time we've spent together -- we recently discovered that we can count the amount of times we've hung out on our fingers -- instead, I determine the value of our friendship by how much color she brings into my life. The time Kristy and I spent together is illustrated in wild laughter, stories we've compiled from the months we've spent living our separate lives, and the wisdom she gives me. I'm so thankful for Kristy's presence in my life, and, dare I say, Lynn's insistence on making us partner up that August day. 

Not only is Kristy a wonderful friend and model, she's an incredible photographer. Check out her work on instagram @kristyanncartmell and her website, and her beautiful face riiiight here ⬇️


Kristy Ann // Bowling Green, OH // Portrait

KRISTY INSPIRES ME. Last semester I was in Large Format, a class that changed my life in many ways, and we were told to partner up with someone else in the class to trade the camera back and forth. I was nervous, because partnering up with a stranger for school-related anything is stressful. Looking around the class, I saw partnerships form between awkward strangers and people that had known each other from previous classes, each pairing clinging to each other. Kristy and I, however, were alone and partnerless, and we made desperate eye contact with each other in hopes to gain a partnership. Our friendship began organically; we were classmates that became "school friends" and then, magically, we began to understand each other in ways that no one else really did. Kristy is always working - whether it's photography purely as a form of self-expression, or in taking photos for her day job, she's constantly making photos, and I owe her for inspiring me to work to be half as dedicated as she is.

I'm so thankful for her friendship, for being able to vent about school and photography and life. 

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