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Kayleigh Rose // Bowling Green, OH // Portrait

"IT'S A SUNDAY NIGHT AND I HAVE SCHOOL OFF TOMORROW". That's the excuse I had for forcing Kayleigh to come out and take photos with me, and it clearly worked. I've been friends with Kayleigh for going on four years now and we'd never taken any photos, and I realized that had to change. I wanted to do something different with Kayleigh - her looks are so badass that I felt like it was only right to do something a bit more experimental with her, and I knew she'd be down for the adventure.

We explored our small town at night and took photos anywhere there was light. Kayleigh's been such an important person to me these past couple of years. During my freshman year of college, I pretty much had my best friend from high school, Amilia, and my big sister and her friends. Amilia and I felt like we'd never find a group that was truly ours. We met Kayleigh, and in many ways she became a second "big sister" figure to us. She's been there for me for everything - she specializes in giving the best hugs, being brutally honest, and making me laugh harder than anyone else. I know I say this all the time, but I love these photos and the woman in them.