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Amilia // Toledo, OH // Portrait

SHE'S MY PUSH, I'M HER PULL. That's how I'd best describe my friendship with Amilia. We've been friends since we were fourteen, always understanding each other in ways we couldn't really explain to other people. In many ways, we've been each others' confidants, but it wasn't until college that we became more like sisters than anything else. It was during a religion class in the second semester of our senior year when we mouthed across the room, "wanna be roommates?" The rest is history. 

We've experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows together. Our friendship holds the most pivotal moments of growth for both of us, I'd say. I describe her as my "push" because she's always forcing me out of my comfort zone, telling me to take risks because the reward is always worth it. I'm her pull because I ground her a bit, though I find that I have to do that less and less as she matures. We're each others' best teachers and I'm forever thankful for her friendship.