The Bell Family // Cleveland, OH // Family Session

Guys! This one is a big blog post for me because it marks about (about a year) year since I started my website/my freelance photography ~career~ and I am so thrilled that it was with the Bell family. Parker texted me about doing a session for Emmeline's first birthday as a gift to Courtney and I was so excited, seeing that I worked with them when Emmeline was just a teensy tiny lil peanut who couldn't even stand up on her own. She's grown so much and I love working with Parker, Courtney and Emmeline. Their energy and love for each other is so contagious and it's so fun being around the three of them. 

We scheduled a shoot for a day at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The cold weather finally hit Cleveland out of no where so I've been doing a ton of these sessions as the museum, and it has such a beautiful atrium and is perfect for letting little ones run around in! We went and shot in some of my favorite places in the building, then we packed our stuff (including, but not limited to, Courtney's cart of props that she brought for Emmeline that came in incredibly handy) and went across the street to end our session in front of the beautiful trees. 

It was so lovely to hang out with Parker, Courtney and Emmeline again, and as the year comes to an end I can't help but get so excited for what's in store for 2018! Thank you for such great photo sessions and hangs, Bells!


Mom and the Dogs // Cleveland, OH // Portrait

WE MOVED THE COUCH INTO THE DINING ROOM so that it was flooded with light. The beauty in doing a shoot at your own house is that all of the rooms can become your studio... and your dogs are there too. My mom and I have been planning on updating her headshots for a while now and it was wonderful being able to make photographs of her.

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but this winter break has been eye opening for me in a few ways. The most profound thing I've discovered, perhaps, is the fact that I am lucky to be here... lucky to be surrounded by these people, making photos that matter to them as much as they matter to me.  These moments are fragile and fleeting, and some day these photos will simply become memories, the edges getting fuzzier as the years go by. But I am lucky to be able to stamp these moments in time as they were.